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Achieve your goals through individually tailored expert guidance

Individual Session

One on One Coaching

At each Individual Session we will always have at least two coaches. These sessions will usually be in person but sessions are available over Skype/Google Hangouts. This may be different than other coaches in that we want to make a personal connection with you. Each session begins with prayer, then we will talk through necessary past and current situations. We will help you set goals and give you tools to reach those goals. Both of your coaches will be available by text or email throughout the duration of the plan.

Group Session

Get each other motivated

Our Group sessions are creative and health workshops. They are fun and sometimes loud. Expect to learn something new maybe even about yourself. You’ll make new friends, laugh and maybe shed a few tears. Most importantly, we will always make time to talk about God, the originator of creativity.

You may also participate in various activities… help you move forward!

To learn and grow

Cook and Learn

Adventures in nature

Alive! Events

Everyone needs more Life in their life

We are so excited to be able to offer Alive! Events once a quarter. Imagine passionate worship nights, Undeniable – story nights, Holy Spirit led prayer meetups and more. These events will be all year long, so they are weather-influenced nights and will be planned outdoors and in. The Lord has given us some fun ideas and we can’t wait to get together with you to glorify Him and make Him known.

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